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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Rules

Okay so maybe “rules” is a bit harsh but these are simple guidelines to treating me right and if you follow them you will be treated with the upmost respect…

1. If we disagree, that’s fine. But let’s be adults about it and discuss it NOT cause unnecessary drama around it.

2. I am full of opinions, be willing to listen and then refer to Rule #1 on how to proceed.

3. Know when to leave me alone. If I am not answering the phone then maybe I don’t want to “talk” BUT more than likely I will be willing to text or IM. Try either. Sometimes it’s just easier for me to communicate that way when I am feeling down.

4. I like to be spoiled but don’t like surprises. If you want to do something for me at least warn me. So I can help you find the best option to spoil me.

5. My child comes before myself. No matter what. Don’t mess with her or you will be messing with me.

6. I am a firm believer in Karma. And generally believe Karma will do my dirty work for me, so treat me with respect at least.

7. I don’t eat meat, so don’t ask me to.

8. Don’t wake me when I am sleeping. Unless the house is on fire. Otherwise you will be dealing with Rule #6.

9. Yes I am a “tomboy” and no I don’t want to wear a dress.

10. I am a tough broad and don’t take shit.

There are more but these are the general rules and regulations of me. Respect them and we will get along fine.

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